Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why We Follow Policies

Ladies and Gentlemen--

I want to introduce a novel concept, FOLLOW THE POLICY. It seems that many managers and employees alike feel that policies are made simply for us to come up with exceptions. This is not the case and there are actually some really good reasons why we follow policies. They give us order and direction when managing our staff. These are the rules, they are put in a place where all can see them so we all know what the rules are. It is great when individuals use them. They help us be consistent with all of our employees.

When we deviate from policy we fail to be consistent. This is when employees complain that we are not being fair or even worse, we have favorites. Now I know that this is not a one size fits all world. These shades of gray are what I consider job security. However we need to draw the line somewhere. If the dress code policy says no leggings, then no leggings even if they are "cute". If the attendance policy says 7 minutes late is a tardy, then it is a tardy even if there was snow.
And on that point--I believe that 1 minute late is tardy so think of the other 6 as a gift.

So my job as chief policy wrangler, is to make sure we are following the policies and with my magic wand grant exceptions where they are reasonable or when upper management says I have no choice.

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